Custom Lighted Signs for Business

Custom Lighted Signs for Business

During the winter months, it gets dark by the time individuals leave work, venture out for dinner,
or run errands in the evening. Custom lighted signs for business use service many purposes,
including keeping your storefronts illuminated and help you stand out from the competition. No
matter what kind of illuminated electrical sign you are looking for, Barnett Signs can help you
fabricate and install signage of any scale.

What are the various custom lighted signs for business use

When deciding what kind of signage is best for your business, it comes down to the style of sign
you want to see and what matches your branding. There are three main types of custom lighted
signs for businesses.

Internal Illumination

Internally lit signs, such as channel letters or aluminum cabinet signs, are generally created with
LED lights inside the structure. The lighting provides a glow, backlighting whatever face your
sign may have, and provides contrast to make the sign viewable in dimly lit spaces or along
major roads.

External Illumination

Externally lit signs, sometimes consisting of metalwork or other solid structures, have a
floodlight or LED lights that sit below or behind the signage to differentiate it from the
background. These types of lights are great for shopping centers or inside business spaces.


Neon signs are a unique form of custom lighted signs for businesses as they don’t use standard
light sources. They are lit by a chemical reaction within the tubes of the sign, giving it the glow
effect. These are great if you want a solid, vibrant color to compliment your branding and stand
out distinctively.

Barnett Signs Services

Custom signs are the best way to give your store front a facelift, bring a fresh look for customers
to engage with or display unique information about your products. Our team of world-class
experts work to ensure a headache-free process no matter what kind of electrical signage you
need. Learn more about our services or contact us to get started on your next project.