Barnett Signs Facilities

One team, two Barnett Signs facilities. We divide our team between our main office and our world-class production facility. Our facilities allow us to service clients from DFW to greater North Texas to other regions across the state.

Main Office

Our main office is located at 4250 Action Dr, Mesquite, TX 75150. This facility houses our project managers, permitting, and support staff. Our project management team works diligently every day to bring your ideas to life. We walk with you through each step of the production process so you never feel in the dark. We also have on-staff experts in permitting and city ordinances to ensure your signs meet strict codes before production and installation.

barnett signs facilities

Manufacturing Facility and Freight Operations

Our top-tier production facility houses our freight operations and manufacturing team. Here, we bring your project to life. Our facilities allow us to take on projects of all sizes and complete them in a timely manner. Within our manufacturing facility, we have the ability to construct not only sign faces and cabinets, but all custom sign supports. Our certified fabricators use the highest quality materials and technology to create custom builds safely and efficiently. Once fabricated, our freight operations team will deliver the sign and our expert installers will get your new piece in place!

barnett signs facilities

The Barnett Signs Facilities are Ready to Serve

Partner with Barnett Signs today and see the full capabilities of our facilities and team. Call us at 972-681-8800.