Barnett Signs Values

Our founder, Nolan Barnett built our company on the idea that our thoughts become words, our words become actions, and our actions become habits. At Barnett Signs, we focus on developing creative, value-oriented thought processes that will translate into winning habits and a destiny of success. We continue the excellence of a business founded on trust, family values, and relationships. These values guide us in our daily decision-making from internal work to servicing our customers.

Wisdom Keys – The Barnett Signs Values

Safe Work

Thinking and moving in such a manner that prevents harm to a person or property

Doing Right Things

Do the right thing when no one is looking and be accountable to others.

Count on Me

From a young age, we all learn to hold hands when crossing the street. We move better together when we establish trust.


Understand you are here of your own free will, so work to make this a great place to be.

Growth Mindset

Be forward-thinking by thinking about how it can be done in the future, not how it was done in the past.

Team Player

Be a team player by making the other people around you look good.

Quality Work

Each person is counting on the next person to do their job. If anyone does poor work, it affects all of us.


Take care of what others place in our care. This allows us to give more to our community.


Always try to find a solution. The world is full of people with problems, people with solutions make all the difference.

See How Our Values Translate

The Barnett Signs values translate to every touchpoint of our work. We can ensure that when you partner with us, our work will always meet these standards. Call Barnett Signs today at 972-681-8800.