Custom Sign Manufacturing – Our Process

Custom Sign Manufacturing – Our Process

Barnett Signs has been a leader in Texas custom sign manufacturing since its inception over 60 years ago. We are dedicated to exceeding client expectations and delivering quality products with top-of-the-line service. At Barnett Signs, we believe in saving you time, money, and stress. We aim to achieve a simple, streamlined custom manufacturing process that delivers the best possible product with the least hassle for you.

1. Designing Your Dream Sign

All signs start with an idea. At Barnett Signs, we know this is best as a collaborative task. You will work with our graphic designers and artists to ensure your business and needs are represented in an eye-catching, engaging, and informative piece of art. Designing the perfect vision is one of the most critical steps to advertising your business, and we will continue to revise the project until it exceeds all expectations!

2. Permitting Your Custom Sign

One of the most confusing aspects of signage is the county or state laws and ordinances – this is usually best left up to the professionals! At Barnett Signs, we know every in and out of signage laws around the state. We will help you navigate city and county regulations and ensure your sign is properly permitted and its design meets all legal requirements.

3. Constructing and Fabricating the Sign

From large freeway signs to building signs to monuments, here at Barnett Signs, we can do it all! We have an in-house sign manufacturing facility – a task sometimes outsourced by other businesses. This facility makes it possible for us to build each sign on demand. This helps prevent miscommunication about design, saves time, and can save you money on transportation and labor costs! It also allows you to make last-minute changes or adjustments once the construction process begins.

4. Installation of Your Finished Product

Once your sign is constructed, it is time to watch it go live! Barnett Signs has dedicated installation teams that are experts at getting your sign up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our licensed professional installers help every piece sparkle brightly in its new home no matter the shape, size, or height – there is nothing they can’t do!

5. Maintaining Your Investment

After your sign installation, you may think the job is complete. However, that isn’t always the case! When you have made a significant investment in your custom sign manufacturing process, you want to ensure that your piece is adequately maintained throughout the changing seasons and weather. If your sign breaks, we are a short phone call away! Barnett Signs offers sign maintenance and repair services for refacing, electrical problems, or structural issues. If you are planning on keeping your sign around for a while, yearly maintenance is essential to fix little issues as they arise.

How Barnett Signs Can Help

Are you a Texas business searching for a sign? Barnett Signs is here to help! Our years of experience in custom sign manufacturing help us design, construct, fabricate, and install the sign of your dreams. We work with your needs, ideas, and budget to determine the optimal sign for your business. Don’t hesitate to visit our website and contact Barnett Signs today to discuss your next custom sign manufacturing project, and let us help you bring your vision to reality!